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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simply Eden Giveaway

Please welcome Savvy K to the Birbitt Thinks family!  She is bringing us a great review of Simply Eden products that you are sure to love! Everyone say hello to Savvy K!  

Review by Real Reviews by Savvy K  

Simply Eden Review/Giveaway 11/14 - 11/21

Real Reviews by Savvy K had the awesome chance to Review and Giveaway Simply Eden's Bath and Beauty products!
Simply Eden Bath and Beauty is a wonderful company that is focused on the best skin care for your body! Simply Eden products are handmade in Eden, Utah using quality ingredients without harsh chemicals. Goat milk is packed with vitamins and nutrients, leaving your skin soft and healthy without the stripping your skin's natural oils.
Simply eden also uses their own goat milk! Why goat-milk soap? Goat milk is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and natural fats, including Vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, and Niacin. With a pH of around 6.4, goat milk is also similar to a normal skin pH of around 5.6, which makes for better skin tolerance. As soap is generally alkaline with even a mild soap having an alkalinity of 9.5-11, goat milk helps to also lower the pH of soap, which makes goat-milk soap a milder bar of soap for even the most sensitive of skin conditions. I love that on their website, you can view the goats as a live feed! To see the goats, you can view the live feed HERE(Goats may only be live when they are in the barn.)
Real Reviews by Savvy K had the chance to review a few of the Simply Eden products! Here is our review of each product!
The Apples & Oak Soap Bar was quite a treat! I loved that it was not overwhelming in the scent, but yet you could still pick up the apples and the woodsy scent. The bar made me feel very clean and nurished after using it! I have used this bar many times now and the scent never gets old, it is just enough to be recognized with out feeling like you are drowned in it! I also love how this soap lasts forever! I have used this bar numerous times and I can barely see a size difference from what it started out as! This bar is definetly on my list to buy for the holidays!
Now this has to be my favorite product that I had the chance to review! This Coconut Vanilla Body Mousse by Simply Eden is absoulutely divine! The scent is a perfect combination of vanilla and it's warm, sweet scent and the tropical scent of coconut! When combined together, you get this amazing lucious scent that I can't help but to use everyday! Don't let the vanilla throw you off, this body mousse does not have the overwhelming sweetness to it that you might think that a lot of other vanilla scented bath and body products have. This body mousse has moved to my number 1 favorite in lotions, body butter and mousses! I also love that this is not has heavy as most body butter's or lotions might be. The whipped texture is very light and soaks in your skin wonderfully!
Now just by listening to the name of this lotion, you would expect this really strong scent of peppermint that you might associate with a lot of foot lotions and balms. Let me tell you, that is so untrue. This lotion, if anything, as a subtle, elegant scent of peppermint with the bolder scent of grapefruit! I love it! The grapefruit and peppermint scent is delicate enough to use all over your body without feeling like you took a bath in it! The lotion itself also has a wonderful, light texture that makes it feel amazing on the skin. It also is packed with Peppermint, Oat Protein, and Green Tea Extract Essential Oils! This light, refreshing scented lotion is a must to give during this holiday season! I can guarantee that all of your loved ones will love it!
Simply Eden Candy Cane Body Mousse and Winter Wonderland Body Mousse
Simply Eden sent me two of their new products that are coming out for the holiday season! The Candy Cane Body mousse smells just like a candy cane! I love that the peppermint scent is bold and works great on my feet! I put this on at night on my feet and wake up the next morning with amazingly soft feet! The Winter Wonderland scent also is a great scent that is crisp and refreshing, with touch of warmth! If you want to try these divine scents, I suggest you hurry! These scents will only be available during the holidays!
Now for the best part! Real Reviews by Savvy K gets to giveaway away not one, but TWO Simply Eden products! Simply eden has graciously offered our readers to win a Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Body Mousseand a Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Soap Bar! These two zesty scented products can be yours! Just simply enter with the rafflecopter below! Good luck!
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Birbitt Thinks giveaways are fun, and you should enter it all for your best chance at winning!  

This is not a Birbitt Thinks review, and I was not provided any product for posting this review, additionally the opinions expressed within are that of Savvy K, and should not be affiliated with Birbitt Thinks.  Birbitt Thinks is not responsible for fulfillment of prizes

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