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Monday, August 31, 2009

Lazy Days

Yesterday was a lazy day, after church in the morning I came home and did little other than to prepare dinner and pick up my son's cake from the bakery. His birthday was actually this past Tuesday, but with it being a weekday we decided to do cake on Sunday, he did however have cupcakes on Tuesday.

So after finishing our last Sunday of Children's Church for the next three months (our church has four "teams" and we rotate every month) Hubby and I decided to come home and just enjoy the day. So we lazed around the house a while, then went to pick up the cake and some fixin's to make kebobs for supper, and we also picked up a movie from one of those little $1.00 movie kiosks in nearly every grocery store in town.

When we do lazy days they really are lazy days! After Church I lazed on the couch listening to my 6yo read his 4 pages of homework from his reader, then I read a story to my 3 boys (yes the baby listened too) and then I popped online for a bit. After this I made my trip to the store and bakery, came home cut up veggies and meat shoved them on a stick and put it in the oven...this was the whole of our dinner, I know it wasn't exactly a balanced meal but hey at least we had veggies. We ate some cake after singing a happy birthday song, and then everyone was sent off to bed.

Hubby and I watched Big Brother while the littles were showering, and then we watched a quite interesting show on ABC called Shark Tank and for those who don't know it's basically a show with 5 self made millionaires who listen to people who have invented something and then decide if it's worth investing in...Hubby and I really enjoy seeing what others have come up with and we sort of turn it into a game guessing who we think will make an offer and who will leave with nothing. After these two shows we figured we'd watch the movie we'd rented.

Hubby and I both really enjoy Julia Roberts so we rented her new one Duplicity, really in order to understand the movie I felt like you needed to be a double agent yourself just to keep track of everything going on. In the end I just didn't enjoy the movie and I'm thankful it was only a dollar to rent. This is why I love those little kiosks! Hopefully the move hubby and I rented to watch today will be better.

So all in all I have to say I had a great Sunday! I got to see the fruit of our hard work this month as we played a quiz game with the children to see how much they remembered and boy were we surprised! Then I got to spend the afternoon with my family lazing around the house and finally I curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and my hubby. I miss days like this but it seems like lately we've been so busy that they are few and far between...maybe I need to put lazy days on my calendar just as I do everything else.

Birbitt thinks there is something to be said for lazy days at home doing nothing...even if there is something to be done. I decided yesterday that the vaccuuming, and mopping could wait another day and you know my house didn't fall apart for lack of doing those things and they easily got done in the morning. I will make more effort to have simple days at home!

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