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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Talk Water Bottles - Review

We all know that drinking pure water is good for us right?  I mean of course we do, since our bodies are about 70 percent water!  That means that the quality of the water we put in our bodies is important, but what we don't often realize is that the container you place your water in is just as important.

Plastics are potentially dangerous since the chemicals in the plastic can leech into your water and contaminate your pure water.  BPA free plastics are better, but still not perfect especially if the water is warm.  Aluminum isn't good since it is a toxic metal and the bottle must be then coated with a plastic "lining" which can erode over time and we won't even know it.  Stainless Steel is a really great choice, but we need to be careful of the quality of our stainless steel!

Enter Green Virgin Products! Yup, that's right the same great company that brought you soap nuts, all natural deodorant, and Peppermint and Moringa Soap is also bringing you high quality, stainless steel drinking bottles for water!  Not only are the bottles of the highest quality, but they are pretty too!  Also Green Virgin Products sells a neoprene sleeve for your water bottle to help keep the water cold longer, and to prevent the bottle from getting slippery from condensation!

Green Virgin sent me one of these awesome bottles in the 750ml size, along with a neoprene sleeve, for my review.

Now just look at that bottle, isn't it pretty?  I just love the slogan that Green Virgin Products uses "Because Our Children Deserve a Pristine Planet"!  See that clip on the right side?  You can use that to attach your bottle to your belt loop, or your backpack, or anywhere else that's convenient for you!  And it also has just under that clip a woven handle for easy carrying and holding.  This bottle is the perfect size for most people and uses, it is the most convenient size for carrying and holds about 25 ounces of water, which is great for a morning jog or a walk around the block, or just for an afternoon at the park!

Now I liked the bottle so well, that I just had to go and order even more!  Now I drink a TON of water, so I ordered myself the 1200ml bottle which holds about 40 ounces of water.  Here you can see the size difference, as well as what the bottle looks like without it's neoprene cover.

Now we have a complete family set, with sport bottle tops for the Birbitt Thinks kiddos, and regular tops for the adults.  These bottles will last us nearly forever, as they are sturdy and well made!  There is no aftertaste to our water and because they are stainless steel we are able to add our essential oils to our water for drinking!  Actually Mr. Birbitt Thinks has taken this bottle to work for his water every day, with the neoprene cover since he works with computers, and has decided it is much better than his  double walled cup and straw.

Now you can purchase your own here the smaller bottle is $8.95, the larger is $9.95 and the neoprene covers retail for $3.95.  These bottles have a lifetime guarantee against defects in manufacturing, and are a perfect choice for everyone in your home.  They even have a smaller baby sized bottle that is 350ml or about 11 ounces that would be perfect for small hands!

Birbitt thinks that Green Virgin Products has it right, and these stainless steel water bottles are great for everyday use!


  1. We could so use these!! We live next to a lake and the kids like to hike the trails!!

  2. I need one for hubby and boogerhead!! Oh yea and me!

  3. Nice Green Virgin again you're really starting to make me want them!

  4. Nice! I love the lifetime guarantee against defects in manufacturing- makes me confident to buy!

  5. Those are very nice! And a lifetime guarantee, too! I know a few people who would love to get these for the holidays! Thanks for the idea!

  6. these are very nice looking bottles!

  7. These look so fantastic! Great review and thanks for the gift rec!

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