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Thursday, November 1, 2012

My new toy, and a recipe...sort of

So a few weeks ago hubby bought me a new "toy", and I very much love it! He bought me a food dehydrator, one with adjustable temperatures for dehydrating a variety of foods each at their exact right temperature. Of course this also means that my veggies remain Raw even after dehydrating so they retain as much of their nutrients as possible.

So far I have made several batches of Kale Chips (recipe to follow soon, I just need to perfect it a little), dehydrated some organic herbs I bought on clearance at the grocery store, some beef jerky for hubby, and I did a little bit of fruit (strawberries).

So I thought I'd give you my "recipe" for Dehydrated sweet potato chips and a picture tutorial in how to make them.

Here's what you need:
3 small-ish sweet potatoes
2-3 Tablespoons Olive oil
Salt (I use Pink Himalayan sea salt, but use what you have)

a mandolin or v-slicer
a food dehydrator

First wash your sweet potatoes and dry them well, then slice them on the mandolin into thin slices.

Then toss your slices with olive oil and salt.

Lay your slices out on your dehydrator trays evenly, and be sure they don't touch.

Set your dehydrator to 115 degrees, and dehydrate until the potatoes are crisp (about 24 hours). Then enjoy your yummy snack!

If you leave off the salt these also make great treats for dogs, especially if you are training! Our Isha loves them, and so does the rest of the family!


  1. Looks yummy. Can't wait till I can get a dehydrator!

  2. These sound yummy and simple! 24 hours I can handle - it's the 6 hour ones that I never get around to doing because I don't think of it until I want it. LOL I'd love to try these! I just need a dehydrator.... ;) Glad you're enjoying your new toy!

  3. I want that dehydrator and those potatoes look so yummy!


  5. I just got a hedydrator and have been seraching for fun stuff to do! I hadn't thought of sweet potatoes! Good idea!


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