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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Books, Books, Books, and more Books.

As a homeschooling family there are never enough books, at least that's what I keep telling my husband!  This year I had the opportunity to get some amazing Scholastic Books, for just the cost of my time and I jumped on that!  I had so much fun being surrounded by a warehouse full of books, and helping customers find just the right book, and shelving thousands of books and in return I left the warehouse at the end of my scheduled hours with 6 large case boxes filled with books! 

According to Library Thing I got 226 books, but in reality I got so much more since we donated a bunch, gave a bunch away to some friends, and then there were some that I simply didn't add since they weren't books for reading!  However, those 226 books that I got were really so much fun, and the boys are all excited to get into reading them! 

Some of S's favorite books were: Geronimo Stiltion Wild Wild West, Heroes and Villains of the Bible, Lego Ninjago Character Encyclopedia, Star Wars Folded Flyers, and Geronimo Stiltion Creepells Von Cacklefur Return of the Vampire. 

Some of B's favorite books were: How Rocket Learned to Read, Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark 20th Anniversary Edition in color with 12 extra pages of content, Lego Harry Potter Characters of the Magical World, Lego Ninjago Character Encyclopedia, Scholastic Discover More Animal Babies, Moody Monsters, and Geronimo Stilton The Dragon Prophecy ( Book 4 in the Kindom of Fantasy series).

Some of L's favorite books were: Press Here, Ten Little Caterpillars, Llama Llama Holiday Drama, Little One We Knew You'd Come, Dinosaur Bites, and The Littlest Elf. 

As you can see their favorites are varied, and they have lots to choose from.  If you'd like to see a list of the books I brought home, you can check out my library thing here just click the Bookfair 2012 Unshelved list and you'll see all the books I got for my time!

Their next large sale should take place in May and if you've never been I highly suggest you go this time around if there's a warehouse near you!

Birbitt Thinks books are awesome, and there's always something new to read in our home!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Newman's Own Organic Pet Food Review

Since the rest of our family is striving to eat healthy and organic food, I thought our pets should also be eating healthy, organic food.  So I began the quest to find a high quality, healthy, and organic food that my picky cats, and growing puppy and kitten would love and that came at a reasonable price.  I searched high and I searched low, I scoured the shelves of our local pet stores, googled organic pet food, and spent hours reading labels and looking for Organic food for my pets!

I found several brands of organic dog food, but only one was truly affordable, so I got the chance to try out Newman's Own Organic  Cat and Dog food, and boy did my picky pets eat it up! Newman's Own Organics was kind enough to send us a cat and a dog pack for review! 

First the Dog, her pack contained a bag of dry kibble, 2 large cans of dog food, 2 small cans of dog food, a bag of peanut butter crunchy treats and a bag of soft chicken stick treats.  The first thing Isha tried was the chicken sticks, and she loved them!  Now normally Isha is not a fan of anything peanut butter dog treats, but these ones she was thrilled to eat!  When I go near the bag she wags her tail and runs over excitedly!  Canned food is reserved for occasional treats here in the Birbitt Thinks house, so she knew it was something special when I opened that up!  She was not disappointed at all, she scarfed it up as fast as I put it down.  I mixed the canned food with the crunchies and gave it to her as an in between meal snack and she gobbled it down!  She even ate the crunchies by themselves, so she likes it, because Isha is not a dog to eat kibble she doesn't like. 

Now the cats, they also liked their foods, but only the kitten was willing to permit photographs.  Once again I mixed the canned food with the dry kibble and offered it to them.  Wiley, our kitten, was meowing at my feet the whole time I prepared the bowls and he was eager to dive in as soon as the bowl hit the floor.  Ebony and Keeper, our grown cats, were less excited but once I walked away they did eat the entire dish.  Now Wiley and Keeper both love the dry kibble alone, but Ebony is a bit more picky, I have to mix in a bit of her usual food and she'll eat the Newman's Own Organics along with it, I'm working to reduce the amount of her usual food in her bowl.

All in all I have to say it was a hit here!  Now I have a food I can feel good about giving to my pets!  I have completely transitioned Wiley and Keeper to the Newman's Own Organics cat food, and I'm still working on Ebony.  Isha is in the process of transitioning over completely, but currently gets about 65% of her diet from Newman's Own Organic.  I find the foods to be very reasonably priced, and of a very high quality.  I even noticed significantly less odor and waste in the litter box! 

To find Newman's Own Organics pet food near you simply visit here and enter your zipcode.  You can also find their products online at amazon.com, and petfooddirect.com.  

Birbitt thinks quality pet food is a must, and Newman's Own Organics fits that just fine and dandy!

Birbitt Thinks was provided the above mentioned products for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are solely my own and may differ from yours.  Birbitt Thinks assumes no responsibility for your results or opinions. 

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