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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let's talk Toddlers!

I'd like to break for a moment, and talk about toddlers:

You know those wonderfully active, getting into everything, following you around the house all day insisting you read to me or play with me, always hungry, I'll do it by myself, don't leave me, sometimes napping, mostly potty trained, always talking, never still, cute little innocent faced toddlers.  Like this one:

Let me tell you about this toddler of mine...
He's cute, and funny, and smart, and silly, and cute, and sassy, and energy filled, and creative, and he's so much work, but you know what?  He's worth every single minute of it! This crazy toddler of mine, he makes me laugh, smile, and cry, he makes me chase him when I'm tired, he snuggles with me when he's tired, he makes me laugh hysterically when something is funny, and he melts my heart with four simple words "I'm Wuv You Mama"!  He asks for kisses and hugs, he always wants "UP", can do it all by himself thank-you-very-much, unless it involves eating and then "I'm need help", he loves things all in a row neat and orderly, and he doesn't like his vegetables!

My wonderful toddler wakes up in the morning, and tip toes out to the kitchen where he climbs into the cabinet for the peanut butter, digs in the drawer for a spoon, and then sits on the floor happily munching peanut butter from the jar!  He quietly opens the fridge, gets himself an apple, and quietly quells his early morning hunger and thirst.  He knows what will wake his dear mama, and he knows that if mama is awake he'll have to eat a proper breakfast, so he's quiet as a mouse until his tummy is full and then he loudly rushes into my bedroom and proclaims "NEED Baby First".

This toddler of mine, pushes every boundary I have set for him, pulls on every string of his Daddy and Mine hearts, wears down every thread of our patience, brings humor into everyday things, and tests every limit known to him, he challenges himself each day, and needs constant reminding of just how he's supposed to behave...and you know what???


 Not only do I love him, but I love every minute of my crazy days with him and I thank God that I have 3 wonderful, healthy, handsome, and down right zany children!  I am blessed beyond measure, and thankful that the Lord felt me worthy to raise these three boys!  I always thought I wanted a girl, but now I KNOW that I was meant to parent boys!  

Tell me, what do you love about your toddler?  If you don't have a toddler, tell me what you loved about your child when he/she WAS a toddler.  If you don't have children, tell me what you love about someone else's toddler!  I wanna hear it all, the good, the better, and the best...that's right there's no bad here, so lay it all out for us!  

Birbitt thinks...TODDLERS ARE WONDERFUL! :)

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