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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Changing our thinking about drinks

As we started to research, and read, and discover information we realized that our drinks such as milk and juice and *gasp* kool-aid really weren't drinks at all.  They are food, in liquid form and if we wanted to be healthy we need to see our drinks as food.  So we made a new rule, that water was the only beverage we would drink unless it was a meal or snack time and then we could choose to have something else as part of the meal. 

Of course some of our beverages are no longer a regular option.  Soda, Kool-aid, and other sugary drinks aren't offered except on rare special occasions and even then we look for a healthier option.  Sodas now are either sparkling mineral water with flavored stevia added in, or a soda such as Hansen's that is made with pure cane sugar instead of processed white sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Our sweetener of choice is now Stevia, and our go to beverages are iced tea, lemonade, and natural fruit juices. 

We have also changed our stance on milk.  I used to believe that milk was a necessary thing for a young child to grow and develop as they should, of course I now know that is not exactly true.  I will not bore you with all the reasons we should not drink milk, but I will give you one thing to think about.  If breastmilk is considered the perfect food for human babies, would it not follow that cow's milk is the perfect food for cow babies?  Then why would we a) take the milk away from the cow babies (google the dairy industry, what you learn my shock you) and b) give cow food to our human children? 

Now since my children have been accustomed to receiving cow milk with their dinner, and Twiggles is accustomed to a drink of milk before bed I could not take away the milk without replacing it with something.  That something is Almond milk, Coconut milk, Oat milk, Rice milk, Sunflower milk, Hazelnut milk, and sometimes soy milk (though I must admit soy sometimes scares me and I personally can't drink it).  These drinks are FOOD!  They provide nourishment, and vitamins and minerals. 

Remembering this helps me to keep my food intake in check.  I remind myself that if I have a glass of juice, I won't be thirsty but I will probably still be hungry so I will instead drink water with a few drops of Young Living essential oil added in to flavor and give added benefits, and have a light snack such as a piece of fruit or a handful of raw veggies. 

So our everyday drink is now water.  With meals we may have tea, lemonade, juice, or non-dairy milk, and snacks may come with water or juice or milk depending on what is offered.  I have noticed a big difference in my children this way, they aren't quite so hyper and crazy, they sleep better, and little Twiggles he is actually eating meals!

Birbitt thinks that what seems like a small change really can have big effects!

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