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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Laundry Review & Giveaway: Naturally Active Pure Oxygen Whitener

I am a mother of boys, three of them, and boys get dirty and get stains on their clothes.  Sometimes I even get stains on my clothes from my children.  It used to be that this wasn't an issue for me, I'd just spray some sort of stain remover on and then wash my clothes.  Well, now that we are taking the chemicals out of our home, those sorts of stain removers are no longer in my supply cabinet.

That is where today's review comes in!  See I have a really cute skirt than I love to wear, and it's a very light shade of khaki, really it's just barely darker than an eggshell type color.  The last time I wore it my toddler wrapped his hands around me and got a nice yellow mustard stain on the back of the skirt.  I didn't know about the mustard until after I took the skirt out of the dryer, and by then it's usually too late to remove a stain.  I tried several tricks and nothing worked. 

Then my Healthy Child Healthy World party kit arrived, and inside were some products for me to try, and to give away to my party guests.  The first item I decided to try was the Naturally Active Pure Oxygen Whitener by ecoSTOREusa.  I took out that lovely skirt with the bright yellow mustard stain, and applied a paste made from the Naturally Active Pure Oxygen Whitener and plain water.  I rubbed it into the stain let it set a minute, and then rinsed it away. 

This is where things get weird, at least to me, the yellow stain turned a sort of rust red color and I thought oh great I just made it worse (not that the skirt was wearable at all at this point).  So I tossed it up over the shower bar to dry and figured I'd try something else later.  When I went back to take it down after it had dried the stain, both yellow and rust red, was GONE!  That's right GONE!  A set in, two week old, yellow mustard stain was gone and I could once again wear my lovely skirt.

About the Product:

That red bar at the bottom of the package there reads "No nasty* chemicals" and if you read the back of the package it says "NO toxic petrochemicals, NO phosphates, NO nitrates, NO chlorine, NO EDTA, NO obtical whiteners, NO dyes or synthetic perfumes." 

This is from the Company's What We Stand For page: 

We believe in the realities of today and the possibilities of  tomorrow.
  • We are Accessible: Success comes from sharing our expertise and experience.
  • We are Human: We are welcoming and care about all of our customers.
  • We are Open: Transparent details, complete disclosure of our product ingredients.
  • We are Encouraging:  We believe in educating, interacting and communicating.
We believe in quality products that are healthy and offer value for the dollar. In today’s growing world of conscious consumers and label readers, No Nasty Chemicals™ resonates.  And it isn’t just a slogan.   We provide products that are:
  • Safe and healthier for you and your family (and even your pets)
  • Effective (perform as well as, and sometimes better than, the “leading” brands)
  • Cost effective (value for the dollar)
We continually strive to bring you the most natural products that we can without the use of unnecessary or unsafe chemicals. We are:
  • Committed to helping people make healthier lifestyle choices
  • Dedicated to helping you reduce unnecessary and  potentially harmful chemicals in your life
  • Determined to not only offer healthier, safer products, but to educating the world on eco-friendly products that contribute to healthy lifestyles and the sustainability of our planet and its fragile resources.

Ecostoreusa is an extension of EcoStore New Zealand and all ecostoreusa products are made at their Michigan manufacturing facility. They are committed to providing Earth friendly products, that are made from plant based ingredients.

What I love:
Obviously I love that there aren't any yucky chemicals in the product, but beyond that I love that the product works exactly as it is intended to!  I also like the price tag!  A 35.3oz (1Kg) canister of Naturally Active Pure Oxygen Whitener will only cost you $7.85 with free shipping if you spend 25.00 or more in their store!  ecoSTOREusa carries a variety of products for your home, bath and body, hair, baby, and pets all with the same No nasty* chemical guarantee!

Go ahead and check them out today!  You can check out their website here, their facebook page here, and follow them on twitter here.

I have good news, ecostoreusa has offered my readers the chance to win their very own canister of Naturally Active Pure Oxygen Whitener.  You may enter using the simple rafflecopter form below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: I was provided with the product for free as part of my healthy child healthy world party kit, I was not required to write a positive review (or any review for that matter), and all opinions expressed within are my own.


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  6. Of all the products I actually think I would like the Pure Oxygen Whitener best.

  7. I would love to try the vanilla bar soap. I love vanilla.

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  15. This is great because I've recently started using homemade products and I find that most of them work better than store bought anyway. I make my a version of Windex, shower spray, laundry soap and I now use just vinegar to soften my clothes. I must say, they have NEVER been so soft and no more spots from store bought fabric softener! (Even though I added it to my dispenser.) I'm loving the savings too! :)

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