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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Decluttering February

This month has been a month of chaos and because of that I didn't quite reach my goal of 28 items. I will list the items I did manage to get out of the house and hopefully one of these months I'll get a few extra items out to make up for my February failures.

February's List:
1. 3 bags of hotel soaps/shampoos and the like. (My dad brings them to me and I usually donate them to homeless shelters or send them to soldiers, these bags had been in the bathroom for a couple of months) Can I count this at 3 items?
2 or 4. Mismatched sheets, sheets with tears, and sheets that don't fit our beds. I was saving these for crafting, but since I've not used them in over a year, out they go!
3 or 5. Christmas Decorations that have been on the patio since we took them down, obviously since I never put them away I don't want or need them.
4 or 6. Baby shoes that Twiggles has outgrown, him and his big feet...
5 or 7. More kid clothes that are too small for my children.
6 or 8. Excess craft supplies, basically things that were given to me or came in a kit I got on sale and I have no intention of ever using (example being some halloween theme scrapbooking items that came in a bag I got on sale for only 5.00)
7 or 9. Kid size cups and plates that my big boys no longer use and Logan has no use for either.
8 or 10. Cloth diapers, yes I had more cloth diapers to get rid of and I did, sent them off to a mama who can use them!
9 or 11. underbed shoe storage thingy, used to hold the boys' shoes but since they never put them away there I got rid of it and found a new solution to their shoe troubles.
10 or 12. Pot holder/placemat gift set thing, that was given to us and we have no use for.
11 or 13. Some baby toys that no longer get used, yes again.
12 or 14. Some random stuff that has been in boxes or bags for ages and I have no more use for.

So there you have it...I am 14 or 16 items short of my goal depending on how you count. I missed the mark here and it's upsetting, but I will do better for March!


  1. I really need to get my list up too. I will be preparing for a consignment sale this week so I will make up for all of February, I should think

  2. Oh, and I wanted to also say that things like "some baby toys" are probably worth several days...according to your own rules!

  3. You are correct, they probably could count as more than one item. I probably did manage to remove at least 28 items from my home this past month and 31 more WILL make it out in March!


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