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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sickness, Insomnia, and a touch of...

The past week in our home has been a week of sickness. It began when B got a cough, just a cough, so I figure no big deal, we'll handle it, in our own "strange" way. Well he got better almost overnight, so I thought we were in the clear. I was wrong, by Friday S was down for the count, he was miserable the poor guy spent all of Friday laying around the house (wherever the people were) and dozing in and out. Saturday Twiggles began to show signs of illness, so again treat in our own little way. Sunday he was MISERABLE! and the whole house knew it, he made sure of it. He spent all of Sunday sleeping on and off, eating almost nothing (the sum total of his food intake for the day is less than what he normally eats in one snack) and drinking only slightly more than he ate. Monday he began to drink much more, and eat a little more, and he was more active.

This whole time I'm filling the members of this household with orange juice as fast as I can, and spraying EVERYTHING with Tea Tree Oil and water (Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, pretty much anti anything you don't want in your house) as much as possible to prevent the spread of sickness. Now come Tuesday everyone is back to normal, I thought, then Wednesday I come down sick, my head is in one place, my body in another, and I am just not right. I slept on and off Wednesday, while my dearest hubby cared for the children and tended to the house (oh how I love that man!). Here it is now Thursday morning at 4am and what am I doing?

I am on the computer of course because I now can not sleep thanks to the several naps I took Wednesday. I am on the computer blogging and searching. What am I searching for you ask? I am searching for books, yup books. Big suprise right? A homeschooler who is searching for books, that just never happens right? (note the sarcasm) Well I am not searching for just any books, I am searching for the books of my childhood, books that I enjoyed so much I want to share with my children, and you know what they are *gasp* educational! I was and still am an avid reader as a child, devouring any book placed in front of me. I always had a love of all things mystery when it came to fiction books, but then I also loved non-fiction as well, mostly science and space. So I am sitting up late into the night or early into the morning, depending on your perspective, searching for books from my childhood book shelf. If only I had the forsight to have kept those books, but as I got older I donated the outgrown, or unwanted books to local charities so that other children would have books to read and now I must search to find the best loved books once again to share with my children.

Care to share some of your favorite books?


  1. From Ganeida 'cause I can't get out of Lib's account. Have a look in my book shelf on my sidebar. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I am working on setting up list of books I have read, have, and want to read. I think I will add a sub category of children's books too.

    My favorite of all were the Wizard of Oz books. I also like the strange and somewhat dark side in Roald Dahl's books. I did not read Narnia when I was a child but I would have loved it had I known of it. I had a thing for fantasy books the most.

    I enjoyed reading very much as a child, but my mother and father did not read nor was I encouraged to read, so books were not something I would get much of. My grandmother bought me a few children's versions of the classics that I enjoyed, but it was not until we moved to the city and I was finally allowed to walk or ride my bike to the city library that I finally began reading a lot. That is when I discovered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on my own. I read that book to my daughter years ago and she has since read it twice herself.

    There is something special in sharing a book with someone, isn't there?


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