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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A recipe

As I was browsing the grocery ads for deals the other day my wonderful hubby noticed that salmon was on sale, for a very good price, and he specifically requested that I prepare some salmon for supper because of the sale. Now I personally do not care for salmon as I almost always find it to be too fishy, weird I know, usually I limit my personal salmon intake to salmon cakes which are always lovely.

The other day as I was wandering the grocery isles trying to decide how to prepare this most icky of fish in a way that everyone would enjoy, it came to me! I though of a way to prepare the fish that I may enjoy it! I picked up the Salmon fillets (on sale), a gallon of Orange Juice (on sale), a package of dill (not on sale), and a package of organic baby lettuces (on sale).

I took it all home, and put the orange juice in a deep skillet with some of the dill (about 3 large sprigs of dill and a quart and a half of OJ), brought it to a simmer and then placed in the salmon. When the salmon was just beginning to flake I removed it from the pan to a glass dish (always glass with fish, as it won't hold the smell), and covered with plastic to refrigerate until cold. While that was chilling, I simmered the orange juice and dill down by a little more than half, and added some butter for creaminess (maybe 4 tablespoons?). This too I allowed to cool, though not refrigerated, just room temp.

When we were ready for supper all I did was put some greens on a plate, top with a little salmon, and drizzle with the sauce. It was delicious! Everyone loved it, the boys asked for seconds, my hubby took it to work the next day for lunch, and I, even I enjoyed that meal! So go ahead and try it for yourself, just be sure to use the freshest fish you can possibly find.


  1. See how easy that was to share? You should share more of your culinary genius here on your blog.

  2. Yes Ma'am! Will do :) Whenever I make up a recipe I'll do my very best to remember to come here and post it. Though I'm not sure many will bother to make them.


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