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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Preparing for Revival

It's the time of year for revival, each year in March we have our church revival, and each year we bring in an evangelist or guest preacher. This year is special to me for several reasons:

First the evangelist preaching this year is Kent York, and aside from being a fantastic preacher, very charismatic, and quite funny as well, he is also very special to us as a family. See it was during his preaching two years ago that my Hubby decided that we as a family would join our church and we walked the isle during one of his invitations and requested membership, we were accepted fully and gladly as the congregation had been praying for us to become members for weeks prior, God used Bro. York to bring us to membership.

Now two years later my Hubby and I are very active within our church, singing in the choir, teaching junior church, I assist in the nursery, and we are always willing to help where help is needed. For several weeks now the choir has been preparing hearts through our choice of songs to sing, we've done some real soul stirring songs and have more planned! Our congregation has been much in prayer in preparation for revival, asking God to bring us members and to help us reach the lost.

The second reason this year is so special to me is because while we have all been so deep in prayer some things have been happening in our own family and I'm just now seeing some fruit of the seeds we've sown. See for about the last 8 months my 6yo son has been asking me to get baptized, now I knew that he had never asked Hubby or I to show him God's plan of salvation and I knew that no one else had told Hubby or I that he asked them, so we just kept talking about salvation and how baptism was the outward sign of our inward changes. Just after Christmas break he placed a prayer request slip in the basket at school for Jesus to come into his heart, but still he didn't ask anyone to show him the Bible way. Finally this past Sunday my 6yo little boy got up during invitation and walked down the isle (daddy just behind him) and asked pastor if he could be baptized. A dear lady from our church took him by the hand and in the quietness of another room showed him the Bible way to heaven and my little boy said his own prayer asking Jesus to come in his heart and save him. Now two weeks from this past Sunday on March 21st my little boy will be baptized into our church on the very same Sunday that our revival begins with Bro. Kent York preaching!

I know the Lord is going to do great things this year in our church, and the Lord is already doing great things in our family. God is using Bro. York in an extraordinary way, and it's such a blessing to see him reach our family in so many ways! I can't wait to see what will be done once revival actually begins, as many great things have already begun during the "preparation" phase of revival.

So you see, Kent York is a very special man, and even now two years later Hubby and I can still remember his preaching and his jokes, and I just can't wait to see what messages he'll bring to us this year and how he'll get us all stirred up!

Birbitt thinks that someday in Heaven there will be CROWDS of people lined up to meet Kent York and thank him for his service to the Lord because he followed the Lord's calling and became an Evangelist and because of that so many people's lives have been changed. It reminds me of a song I know "Thank You for Giving to the Lord". May the Lord bless Kent York and all whom he has touched.


  1. So sweet about your son! I am sure you are looking forward to this.

    My daughter has been asking about baptism the past two years also, but she did not like the idea of being in water. I am hoping now that she is lost some of that fear and we have installed our new pastor that she will ask him on her own.

  2. Ditz was about 8 when she asked; no full immersion thank goodness as she's no water baby. Suffer the Little children...As they grow though their faith will be challenged & required to mature. I find the teen years to be rocky even for children of faith but they come out stronger at the other end. God bless you & all yours, Birbitt, as you seek to grow closer to Him. ♥

  3. A gentleman at our church asked my son "Do you believe everything in the Bible?" My son said "yes" the gentleman then told him to write March 7, 2010 in your Bible. When my little one asked why the gentleman told him "because from this day on there will be people to tell you that you are not going to heaven, but if it's in your Bible then it must be true" Everyday my son comes and tells me "I'm going to heaven mom because my Bible says so!" I can only pray that he'll hold that faith to the end!


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