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Friday, January 8, 2010

We have...

A tooth! Yup you read correctly everyone, the baby has officially cut his first tooth. You can't see it unless you are really looking but it has broken through. I'm happy that it's finally through, but a little sad to see him growing up. I feel like all I need to do is blink and my baby will be all grown up. Time is passing by so quickly, he's already 6 and a half months old and to be honest I wish I could turn back time and go back and enjoy the first 6 months some more (not that I didn't enjoy them the first time around). Little one is already up to 17.6 lbs (7.98 kg for my metric friends), and he is 27.5 inches long! He's a long little bugger, and he'll eat anything you offer him.

He isn't crawling yet but he will turn himself in circles to move from side to side, or he'll pull the blanket to move a toy closer. May not be mobile just yet but he sure is an inventive little guy!

Some pictures for your enjoyment (don't mind the mama feet :):


  1. Wow! A tooth already. That first year really flies past, doesn't it. You'll be celebrating a birthday before you know it.

  2. If only they came with buttons to stop them from growing and then start again when we are ready!

    He's a cutie, Birbitt, but then all your children are.


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