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Friday, March 12, 2010

The week that never ends!

This was one very crazy week. Sunday I already posted about so we'll fast forward to Monday. All this week I've been going through the house gathering up things we no longer need, want, or use to donate to our High Schoolers yard sale to help raise money for them to go and tour West Coast Bible College, of course this is in addition to all the other things I've done this week.

Monday's are my housekeeping days, these are the days I vacuum all the carpets (living room is done daily because of the baby), clean the windows, scrub my bathroom, and sweep and mop the wood floors. This Monday it was hard to do much of anything because it was raining and COLD, and I was just not feeling myself, hubby who was home from work did some of the work for me and I did the rest so we managed to get it all done.

Tuesday's are the baby's playgroup and my shopping and errand days. This particular Tuesday had quite a few errands: I had to stop at the Transit center and pick up hubby's bus passes for the week, get soap and shampoo for the boys and the baby, pick up a few necessities at the dollar store, put gas in the car, get oil for the car, stop at the ATM and get cash to pay for field trip, and go to the Electric Company and get some electricity for the week (our is prepaid so I have to be sure to keep credits on the meter at all times). So Tuesday I got the baby up and dressed and fed, left the house buckled him into his car seat and wouldn't you know before I even start the car he decided to poo in his diaper, so up the steps back into the house we go to change the diaper. Then we are on our way to playgroup which begins at noon. He enjoyed his playgroup though mommy had a bit of a freak out moment because there was a spider on the floor and I don't do spiders. I can tolerate just about anything else just not a spider! The leader of playgroup killed the spider and cleaned the spot on the floor and we resumed playing. The baby was quite unfazed by it all, it was only I who wasn't taking it well because one thing I know about spiders is that if there's one, there's more and I really wanted to leave before I found the more. I managed to get all my errands done on Tuesday after playgroup except for the grocery shopping (which I normally don't do on Tuesday anyway). This meant that Wednesday morning the children had no milk for their cereal and so I made them eggs and toast for breakfast at 6:00am, I am not a morning person by nature so this is a significant fact as I am not usually functional prior to 9:00am.

Wednesday I did all my grocery shopping, unloaded it and put it away before I picked up my eldest from school. When I picked him up the teacher reminded me that I still needed to make his costume for his program in two weeks. After dinner was done and the children got on the Church bus for the Wednesday night kid's clubs Hubby and I ran to the thrift stores looking for the pieces I would need to make my son into a Town Crier. Armed with an image I printed from Google we set out to find all the pieces. I managed to find an acceptable hat that I could bend to recreate the tricorn, and I found a red shirt to become the red coat of a town crier, I even found fabric that would be perfect to create a ruffled collar for him. I was at the end of it all still missing: a handbell, feathers for the hat, black ribbon for trim on the jacket, gold buttons for the jacket, and gold puff paint for the border of the tricorn, as well as black boots or shoes with a gold buckle (I still can't find that).

Thursday, I spent the morning at fabric stores and craft stores searching out the black 1" wide ribbon that I would need, gold buttons, puff paint, a handbell, and feathers. I finally settled on a childrens feather boa to glue to the hat, a bell that I would glue popsicle sticks to in order to make a handbell, and I did find gold buttons and puff paint. The ribbon proved to be quite a challenge as there is no such thing as 1" wide black ribbon, 7/8" was as close as I could come and while it might seem trivial it really does need that extra 1/8" but I will just have to make do. I made his hat during the baby's nap, did some laundry, and pinned all the ribbon to his jacket. Next week I will finish the sewing and add the decoration.

Today is Friday and I planned to do nothing today as I am quite tired and worn out from all the errands during the week, and hubby has worked overtime all this week except for Monday when he was off, and Wednesday. The baby however had other ideas he decided that today would be the day he'd discover his mobility and go from one end of the room to the other getting into all sorts of things I didn't even think about until he started getting into them. So now as I type he is settled on playing the cat like a drum and she doesn't care because she's basking in the sunlight pouring in through our sliding glass doors in my bedroom. So I get to spend next week going room by room and rearranging things to make them baby proof (yes I should have already done this but I've been busy which is no excuse I know), either that or I must get a baby fence, and I still must get a couple of baby gates to keep the little one out of danger areas like the kitchen.

What a week! I'm so glad my baby is finally crawling (as will be his development specialist), but did he have to choose this week to do it? Birbitt thinks that even though this week has been a busy one I'll look back on it all and remember it as a time when my children were still innocent, and I will miss these days when they are grown up so I will take the time to enjoy them while I can, and remember that it only lasts for a season and then it's gone.


  1. Ooooh. I feel for you, I really do. Hope next week is more peaceful ~ or that you have more energy given that bubs is now crawling! ☺

  2. I have had such a tiring weekend that I still have not the energy to type it all out on my own blog, but your week was far busier, plus the fact that you are wrangling five children now, particularly since the youngest one has discovered the wonders of being self-propelled.


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