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Monday, January 31, 2011

Decluttering Month 1

Earlier this month, I shared with you my New Year's Resolution and this is my update post to tell you how I did for the Month of January. I am happy to report that I succeeded in eliminated 31 items from my home, and reducing my clutter. Here is the list of items that I removed from our home:
1. an old purse, that I never use but for some reason insisted on keeping
2. an old wallet that does not fit in my new purse
3. an old camera that eats batteries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
4. a broken camera that I kept with the intention of fixing, but seeming as I've not done it yet I'm going to go out on a limb and say I won't be doing it.
5. a large bag of baby toys that Twiggles has long outgrown and never plays with
6. half of our rather extensive duplo block collection (I had enough blocks for 4 or 5 children)
7. a leap frog toy table that was replaced by a newer model for Christmas
8. guess who board game (we had two of the same game)
9. a bag of baby clothes that twiggles has outgrown
10. a tin box that came with a bath set and I kept it because it was pretty, but I've not used it in over a year!
11. a cookbook - I have too many cookbooks, so I'm trying to eliminate those one by one
12. a spare computer keyboard
13. an old remote
14. diaper bag
15. a little play kitchen (very small and twiggles doesn't like it)
16. two boxes of magnetic numbers and letters that I was going to save for Twiggles, but really I can get him more when he's ready for them
17. a broken utility knife
18. a large set of markers that was missing a few colors
19. a bag of fish gravel
20. an owl music box
21. contents of the medicine cabinet (things that are partially used, unlikely to be used again, samples that we always seem to collect)
22. the water cooler (it broke and I figured I wasn't likely to go and have it repaired)
23. water jugs for the water cooler (5 of them)
24. the large dry erase board that has hung on my dining room wall for over a year and I've used maybe 3 times
25. the fish tank
26. the toaster
27. and old comforter that was in need of repair
28. a baby blanket
29. coffee mugs
30. old water bottles with missing tops
31. the old partially completed workbooks that I was "saving" for Twiggles

So that's the list for January, some items were thrown in the garbage, some were given away on freecycle, and others were taken to Goodwill and donated. The point is that they are gone from my home, never again to return, and hopefully by the end of the year the house will look like we have decluttered at least a little bit. :)

Your turn friends, tell how you've done this month. Did you reach your goal, if not don't worry there's still plenty of time to declutter your home. We'll count January as a practice month ;)


  1. Wow! You did really well!

    I will be posting my list after I get my article written because today is the deadline and I have not started it yet.

  2. :) Thanks! Best of luck on your article, and I look forward to your update. :)

  3. I gave away a whole box of leggo. Figure that's several month's worth! lol

  4. Pfft, this list made me giggle more than once, especially the camera with an appetite for batteries! I've always been a pack rat, but I'm better than I used to be...now every time I purge some part of my room and fill a garbage bag I feel a massive sense of empowerment. "I AM A WOMAN WHO THROWS THINGS AWAY, I CAN DO ANYYYYYYTHING!!!!"


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