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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ending the clutter

Let me start by saying my apartment is cluttered, it is full of stuff, full to bursting! Now I know that some clutter is to be expected because there are 5 of us living in a smallish 2 bedroom apartment, however my goal this year, my resolution if you will is to be rid of some of the clutter!

I intend to accomplish this with a bit of help from mother's wisdom. I intend to go through the rooms of the house one by one and if I have not used it in the past 6 months, and it has no sentimental value, it will go in a box and into our storage shed, if I do not go out there to get it in 6 months, then off to the trash it will go! Another source of help for me in my goal is this: I intend to remove 30 items from our home each and every month for the entire year!

The rules are simple by the last day of each month I must remove 30 items from my home that I would not usually throw away. The items can not be things like empty milk jugs that are trash anyway but rather they must be actual items that are just taking up space and that aren't necessarily trash, the items can be donated, thrown away, given away, or sold, but the must leave this house by the end of the month!

So far for January I have gone through Twiggles' toys and found two bags of toys he no longer needs or uses, a table toy that is no longer used, and a few outfits that have been outgrown. That's 4! I also have an old camera that has not been used in months, that's 5. An old wallet, that is to large for my new purse, my old purse that no longer suits my needs, that's 7! A game from the big boys that they no longer play makes 8, and a broken camera that I've been saving in hopes of fixing it makes 9.

I know that I still have a way to go yet this month, but if I only find one item a day that's still 30 items by the end of the month (except February, but I don't think it'll be a problem). I am hoping that I'll get so into cleaning up and removing clutter that more than 30 items will go out, but 30 is the goal.

So friends will you please pray for me, that I can see my stuff through the Lord's eyes and realize that it is just stuff and get some of it out of this house? Also, if anyone would care to join me in releasing the clutter feel free to join in and play along. Each month I will post with the progress I am making in removing clutter, and if you care to play along you can post in the comment section or even link to your own blog post where you've done the same.

Birbitt is ready to make 2011 the year of Less Clutter!


  1. Birbitt, this is an excellent challenge! Except that I would have to do an alteration. What items I do not plan to donate or toss away, I will place one of them on craigslist or into our yard sale stack each day. If it does not sell on craigslist, we will try selling in a yard sale in Florida next time we go there. What is left over from that sale does not come back but will be donated there. I also will try to catch up for each day in 2011 so far.

  2. You are certainly allowed to make alterations, as long as the items do not come back into the house once you take them out. I'm up to 15 so far for the month, and it's getting easier each day! You do not have to do one item a day, just as long as at the end of the month 30 items have been removed from your home. I'm praying that while I'm doing this challenge that the Lord will show me to view my possessions as he does, I can't take them with me when I go, so I may as well let them go while I can. :)

  3. Joining in I think. One item a day is doable ~ even for me! lol

  4. Welcome to the fun Ganeida! I hope you will find it as helpful as I have, really we have far too much clutter in this house and I must get it under control. My hope is that after a few months I'll no longer feel attached to these things and I'll be able to let more than 30 go.

  5. I took my first load to the Op shop this morning. Can't say it *looks* like it's made a difference but after 12 months it should...shouldn't it? lol I am being ruthless this time round.

  6. Yes, we have gotten 21 items out so far, and while it doesn't seem like we've done much I know that by the end of the year I'll have removed 365 items from my house and it will be so much easier to live in. I will post my list of "clutter" at the end of the month so you all can see how much junk I've rid myself of.


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