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Monday, April 26, 2010

Changes are all around!

Things have not gone according to plan lately, and it seemed that nothing was going just right around here. There have been some issues with my oldest and his school this year, making me question if I really made the right choice to send him out to school this year. As the year went on things just got worse, Hubby and I have tried time after time to work things out with the teacher and finally hubby just decided enough was enough and it was time to take him out of school.

Well, it seems the school wasn't the only part of our church having "issues", the same time we pulled our boy from school we also made the difficult decision to leave the church. It was hard to walk away from our church, as we had many emotional ties there, as well as several friends. For the most part I've maintained contact with the friends, but sometimes part of me really wants to go back there it's the emotional side of me of course because the logical side of me says "your family needs more than they have to offer, and your family needs to be nurtured with the word of God" and eventually I come to my senses and realize that it's all for the best and that we are following God's will for our lives.

As we were debating if we should leave the church or not I was speaking with a very wise friend of mine, someone I would trust with my innermost thoughts and feelings, and she said to me "Sometimes when we are too comfortable in a place the Lord will have to make things uncomfortable to get our attention and to get us to do as he is directing". Thank you, good friend I needed that kick in the pants! As we began the church search I was getting discouraged that we would never find a church! It seemed everywhere we went the people were wonderful, but there weren't many children's programs and being a young family with young children that's something that is important for our children's spiritual growth.

Out of the blue this week someone from the old church came by to visit, and she invited us to go to church with her at a church she was going to try out. Hubby and I talked about it and decided to go on Wednesday night, and then we'd go again on Sunday with our friend. I enjoyed that Wednesday night service and the children even had a class to go to, we all left the service feeling like we had really been in God's House and that we had just spent the evening with believers! Sunday morning I attended with the children, while hubby was at work. The children had their Sunday School classes, and Junior Church classes while I attended a Couples class for Sunday School and went to the main service where Children were welcomed if they didn't wish to attend the Children's service. Again I left feeling comforted and blessed by the Word.

We are still much in prayer about this, but I feel that the Lord may be calling us to this church, we'll give it a few more weeks before we decide and maybe visit another church or three...but I and the Children are hoping to be called to this church as it seems to be just what we need.

Along with the change of churches I am still dealing with the change of being back to homeschooling my son. I ordered curriculum that I felt would best address the needs of my family and so far (after looking through to books and fleshing out some basic plans for the year) it seems that it will work nicely.

we are still trying to adjust to having a now mobile baby, and I am still finding areas that need to be "baby-proofed", and I am wishing there was a way to keep the baby from mouthing dog food and playing in the water bowl! Oh well, if that's the worst thing that ever goes in his mouth I guess I'm doing pretty good he is a boy after all.

Change is almost always a scary thing because it takes us from our comfort zone, and for now I can honestly say I'm a bit unnerved at the whole process. I have faith however that my Lord will not lead me astray and that at the end of the road our family will be better off than ever before!

Birbitt thinks that while change is unsettling, and somtimes a bit frightening, these changes will work out for the better, and we'll be thankful for them. Lord be with us, and lead us as we walk the tightrope of change, and the Glory and Praise be yours and yours alone!

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  1. Yes, we are doing lots of changes here too & everyone is out of sorts. I prefer most things to toddle along in a nice groove where I don't have to think about them too much ~ especially the practical things & of course it's the practical things that are just now catawampus & need lots of my attention. *sigh* As I get older any change is just harder to deal with.

    Hope the church is a good fit. So many churches these days are ungodly that if you have found a good one you are truly blessed. ♥


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