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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Car

I believe it's Murphy's Law that says "anything that can go wrong, will" well it's especially true when dealing with 14 year old cars. Hubby took our 1996 Pontiac to the mechanic yesterday to have an oil and coolant leak repaired. We were given a cost estimate and told that if the car was there by 8 am it would be ready by 2pm. I'm sure you know where this is going...

First the car wasn't ready at 2, and then at 3 we get a call that the car needs another part and so the cost goes up and we are told that the car should be ready by closing time at 6pm. Nope, wasn't ready at 6.

This meant that I had to miss little Boy's baby signs class (and this week was one he would surely enjoy), I was unable to go to the grocery store last night as well, so dinner plans had to be changed. This morning I was supposed to take little Boy to the pediatrician which also had to be cancelled. I am thankful that hubby was able to get a ride to work with co-workers otherwise it would have been a very LONG bus ride to get somewhere that only takes about 20 minutes by car.

Hubby is now at work and I get another call from the mechanic, and you guessed it another part is now needed, this one even more expensive than the last one. Thankfully there is money in the bank to cover it, but I don't think we can afford any more additions to the original estimate. Mr. Mechanic tells me the car should be done by 5pm and ready for pick up today, I guess we'll see what happens there.

At this point I'm just hoping to get the car back in time for Church Sunday, and that it will be driveable! This is one reason I much prefer to do my own mechanical work, but without having the proper tools, and a safe place to work on it I have to settle for paying an arm and a leg for someone else to do the work. When I fianlly get my dream home it will have a garage large enough for working on my vehicles, and I will have the tools to do it!

Birbitt thinks that Mr. Murphy should have kept his law to himself!


  1. Oh, no! I hope you get your car back as promised this time.

    When you think about it, how kind of the Lord to hold these problems off until some other burdens were lifted.

  2. I agree with your think. Murphey should definitely have kept that law all to himself. There are times when sharing is NOT in order! ☺ Hope you get your car back without any more expenses.

  3. Thankfully we have now gotten our car back, I am grateful that we have an honest mechanic! He delivered the car to us, and though it does need some more work it can wait a bit to be completed.


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