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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is it about babies?

What is it about babies that make complete strangers want to come up and touch both me and my newborn baby? I understand babies are cute and that babies are blessings and everyone (myself included) wants to look at new babies and tell the parents how cute they are and such, and I understand that babies bring us hope and joy sometimes when there is little of both to be found, but WHY must people touch them?

Now I don't mind when someone I know touches my baby, because I know them I trust them and I expect that they are not going to harm or endanger my child. Strangers are another matter all together though and I really would prefer that they simply look, make their comments and then walk away without touching my child or me. I am not so crazy about germs and such that I feel the need to sanitize every possible surface my child will touch, or that I feel I must sanitize myself before handling my baby but really I do not know what other people have touched before touching my little one. Although beyond just the germ issue I really think it's rude to touch someone else without their permission or in the case of a child without the parent's permission.

When I took my little man to church on Sunday for the first time and presented him to the church members no one and I do mean no one actually touched the baby and several people actually stayed away because they were not feeling well and didn't want to pass it on to the baby. I appreciated this because they were showing respect for me and for my baby, and they were being cautious to avoid exposing him to unnecessary germs that may make him ill. Now had the church members touched him I would not have had a problem because these are people I know and trust, and I fully trust that they would not touch him if they thought for any reason it would harm him or make him ill.

I had to go to the grocery store on Saturday and for ease of the whole family my Dear Husband decided to stay home with the older two boys while I took the baby and did the shopping (basically I am the only one with the baby's food source and hubby is not allowed to do the shopping) and in the one hour I was inside Albertson's my son had attracted the attention of at least 15 people 3 being small children whose parents lifted them up so they could see AND touch my son. I did ask that they not touch him, but some people just don't seem to listen. I tried to steer away from any isle that had more than one or two people in it just to lessen the chance of little man attracting attention, but it didn't work. Even the lady behind the meat counter came out and touched him (this was especially gross to me since she handles raw meat all day). I appreciated everyones congratulations and well wishes and kind comments, but I really wish they wouldn't touch my baby.

So to all you baby touchers out there please at least ask the parent before you touch a baby, you never know if that child is very succeptable to illness or very sensitive to lotions, or soaps that you may have on, or even if the parent is just uncomfortable with strangers touching her child so please, please, please ask first or just make your comments and walk on by.


  1. I do normally ask if it's ok before touching but you know what it is, don't you? It's that brand new feel & smell & it lasts such a short time. Personally I'm addicted to a newborn's hair. Nothing in this world is so magically soft & it smells sooo good!

    I'm sorry people weren't respectful & considerate of you & your lil' man.

  2. My daughter is *still* a people-magnet, but now she is equally touching of others, particularly babies. I have taught her not to touch babies until the parents give permission just as I wished I had been treated when she was a baby.

    A suggestion: having the baby in a sling seemed to discourage that, as I recall.

  3. 1) Really, I can't shop for groceries? That's just wrong...

    2) I totally don't want strangers holding the baby. It's just ain't kosher. I personally treat a stranger just like a dollar bill. They're both probably the most germ infested, disgusting, wretched pieces of work in existence (and I've fished in the Schuylkill, look it up.) So I'm totally in agreement with you.


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