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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old habits are hard to break...

and even harder to restart. Yes this is a funny way to start a blog post but here's the issue. I was raised on a farm, my family raised goats and we sold the milk as well as the meat (I have never and will never eat goat so please don't ask me what it tastes like) and being that we already owned the goats I was also raised on goats milk instead of cow milk. We made our own cheese from goat milk, we made fudge from goat milk, we made butter from goat milk (that's a funny story), we drank goat milk, we made ice cream from goat milk, and we made yogurt from goat milk. So until the day I got married and moved in with my husband I never tasted even a drop of cow milk. I never even drank milk in school unless it was milk mom had sent in my lunchbox.

So about a week or so ago my little baby was very fussy, generally unhappy (and until then he'd been a very happy baby), screaming, and just miserable. After nearly an hour of rocking, cuddling, burping, singing, talking, rubbing, and everything else I could think of he finally let out this MONSTER burp and then promptly threw up everywhere. I couldn't figure it out, so the next feeding he does the same thing, and again at the next feeding. I started thinking about what I might have eaten that would upset him and all I could come up with was milk. So I didn't drink anymore milk for a few days and he seemed all better. I figured I'd just go to the store and get some goat milk and try that see if it wasn't better...yeah not going to happen I took one taste of that goat milk and YUCK! I know it's not the same milk I grew up on because it's been pasteurized and such but still it just tasted horrible I just didn't like it, so I bought some Lactaid milk and we've been doing good with that and it tastes fine to me.

I found it strange that when I started cow milk I hated it for months, but eventually got used to it, and now I can't stand the taste of goat milk which I used to love. While it was hard for me to break the goat milk habit, it's even harder to start drinking it again. Guess I'll just stick to lactaid milk (and I do love milk).


  1. My aunt has some Nubian goats for milk and now is also raising Boers for meat. I am so with you on raw goat's milk, but I could not find a farm around my area. For the last several years, I have been getting the raw milk of grass feed Jersey cows, straight from the farm--any raw milk is better than pasteurized milk, in my opinion. I would buy rice milk before I would pasteurized. I allow the raw milk to clabber as a substitute for yogurt, which we add to our granola for breakfast. My daughter loves it!

  2. I forgot to add the problem your baby has is more common than people realize.

    Also, you should see my aunt! Her skin even at 75 years old is what milk maids were known for. If for no other reason, that should make people want to drink raw milk. But there are more reasons:


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