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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The summer monsoons are upon us!

Horray! Horray! Horray! This was all I could say when the weatherman finally reported that rain was highly likely and we would finally be getting our summer monsoons. Now let me be clear I despise monsoon season, not for the rain per se, but rather for the general lack of other peoples knowledge of how to drive in it. Growing up on the north east coast of the US I've always been comfortable driving in all kinds of weather...snow, sleet, hail, ice, rain, storms, wind, sun, you name it I've driven it and happily so. This is not the case here on the west coast and especially in the deserts of Arizona, people here either don't know how to drive in poor weather or are just afraid to do so and it's bothersome to me because I get in a groove of knowing what I'm doing and where I'm going and someone gets infront of me who just has no clue and so decides to travel at a snails pace for miles instead of pulling off into a parking area and waiting out the rain they so fear.

I was however thrilled to hear of the coming rain because for weeks it has been 110+ degrees in the daytime and hovering just below 90 at night. So the rain is welcome because with the rain comes temperatures in the 100-107 range and low to mid 80's at night which feels like a cool breeze compared to what we've been having. So last night we had a great rain, it poured for more than an hour, and then continued to drizzle for another hour or more. This storm however moved in during the wee morning hours when most normal people are asleep, I however was up feeding the baby when it just began to rain. I fed little man and then went to sleep...about an hour later I was awakened to the most awful sounding boom! It was thunder and I have never heard it so loud in all my 27 years, so I laid in bed a few more minutes and the super loud thunder continued. I got up and started to walk in to check on the older boys when my oldest came in crying that he was scared so I cuddled him a bit, tucked him into my bed and went to check on the middle boy (the baby was happily sleeping through all of this) who was sitting up in his bed and told me he can't sleep because the thunder is too loud. I brought him too into my bed, which at this point is quite crowded as it now holds me, my 6yo, my 5yo, and my 1month old poor hubby would have to either move them in the morning when he got home, sleep in the older boys room, or sleep on the sofa since there is now no room in our bed. This terrible thunder continued for more than an hour and somewhere in the middle of it lightning hit someone's air conditioner because all we heard was a loud crack with flashes of light and then this morning the crane was here removing an a/c unit. This was not the start to summer monsoons I was hoping for, as I am now a very tired mama who got all total maybe 4 hours of sleep since it's nearly impossible to go back to sleep with that thunder cracking.

Hopefully tonight's storms will not be so loud or damaging. Oh and I should add mama isn't a fan of thunderstorms (yeah the old angels are bowling story didn't work for me). Birbitt wants the rain but would prefer if the thunderstorms would be a little quieter and maybe not shake her whole house!


  1. I never liked the like the angels are bowling story....


  2. lol We get monsoonal weather too & thunderstorms like nobody's business! Bucketloads of water in 1/2 an hour but I love a good lightening show! ☺


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