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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Says who?

I know, I know, what a childish sounding title. Reminds me of grade school, but really it is a fitting title for the story I am going to tell.

First I'd like to say that there are many sayings that are commonplace that just don't fully make sense. I mean I KNOW what they are trying to tell me, but if you look at them most literally they don't always make complete sense. For example I know you have all heard "When life gives you lemons make lemonade" well, to be completely honest you can't make lemonade without sugar and water...so if all life has given you is lemons then the best you can hope for is lemon juice.

Now more to the point of my story is this gem "It's just like riding a bike..." well I'm afraid that I must call baloney on this one! You see I decided that I was going to purchase a bike since it has become too expensive around here to own and drive a car. Gas prices are far too high, insurance costs have gone up in this state, and when you add in the costs of maintenance, registration, emissions inspection, and vehicle taxes it's all just too much for our family. So hubby and I each got a bike, and we figured we could do our shopping that way, and since we have excellent public transportation we can use that as well. It's all so much cheaper!

So I took the bus out to a neighboring city to purchase a used bike being sold by a recent college graduate who was planning on going home and had no way to take her bike with her. I picked up the bike, put it on the rack on the front of the bus and took the bus back to just a mile from my home. The plan was to ride the bike back home, but of course that didn't work out. I got on the bike pedaled maybe a few inches and fell off the curb of the sidewalk. Of course the curbs at the bus stops are about 6-8 inches high for easier boarding of the busses, but those extra inches did me no favors. The bike went first and then I followed landing back on the bike and causing immediate pain to my rather large rump! It would seem that I have forgotten how to ride a bike...

Now I am hurting, but I don't have any serious injuries. Once I heal I will have to get back on that thing and see if I can't figure it out. Meanwhile I am laying on my side as much as possible, and standing and walking as little as possible and avoiding sitting at all costs because to sit makes my rear end hurt worse.

I hope I don't find myself disproving anymore old sayings anytime in the near future.


  1. I've found my balance is not what it used to be & riding a bike now scares me. *sigh* I'm not what I used to be. :(

  2. I never was fond of bike riding, it bothered my knees even when I was a child. Besides, I like things much more complicated--as you know--so just give me a horse! But, you already know the rest of that story. I suppose I should get busy and post it, huh?

  3. Well I'm finding myself able to sit today so that's a step up from how I was feeling. Still a bit sore though, but I'm sure I'll be fine in time.


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