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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review - God's Love Letters to You

This book review is for God's Love Letters to You by Dr. Larry Crabb.

This is a 40 day devotional and each day offers the reader a Bible passage, short devotional (in this case written in the form of a letter from God), reflection questions and then a prayer. Each day is based on a single book of the Bible, and the letter is basically a summary of what God would have us to learn from that book, then the reflection questions ask us to think about our lives and how we can relate the devotion to our lives.

Personally I did not like this book as much as I had hoped I would.  That is not to say I didn't like it and I didn't learn from it, I just wasn't as impressed as I hoped to be.  I think the problem for me is that my idea of a devotional differs from most people.  I prefer my devotional to be more like a mini-Sunday School lesson, something that is instructional, yet though provoking, and something that will keep me thinking the rest of the day.  This particular devotional was more emotional, in that the reflection was often more about feelings, and emotions than actual actions.  Overall I found it to be a bit watery, and it wasn't a book I would use for devotions because it didn't provoke the thought I look for in a devotion.  I found myself reading the whole book in just a couple of hours so that I could finish and move on to another devotional.  I did enjoy reading it, just not as a devotional.

As I said though, I look for something different in a devotional, I like my devotionals to leave me feeling spiritually fed and thinking about the reading throughout my day, this one just didn't do that for me.  However, I know that many people prefer a more emotional experience in their devotions and for those people I think this would be a great book!

Obligatory Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of this book from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review of the book.  I was not told what to write, nor was I told I had to write a favorable review.  The opinions in this review are strictly my own, and my only compensation was the free copy of the book.

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