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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I talked them into it!

After much begging and pleading with my oldest boys I have talked them into allowing me to share two of their drawings. They went through the numerous drawings that they created both yesterday and today and each chose the two they consider to be their best. So I will now share them with you! I am hoping that the images are large enough for you to see clearly, or that they are clickable so you can make them larger. I am not the resident techie in this house! Enjoy the drawings!


  1. Thanks! The boys worked hard on them, I've got a collection of probably 10-15 drawings per child. Some with writing and some without. I'm just glad they enjoyed themselves.

  2. They are clickable! ☺ Which is good because I could actually see them! Well done to the boys. They are really great pictures.

  3. Yea! I am glad you could see them, I was so happy with their efforts. The Koala picture really does look like the exhibit. It was just a tree with lots of eucalyptus leaves, and a koala. They don't need much space because they aren't very active critters.


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