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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Confession

I confess, I am not a great housekeeper. If there is an excuse to be found for not cleaning up I will find it. I have not done a very good job of keeping things orderly as of late, and I have also held onto things far too long.

This past 'weekend' (which for us is Tuesday - Thursday, the days my husband is home from work) the hubby and I decided that since our baby has decided he prefers to sleep in the room with his brothers than with us that we would clean up and clean out our bedroom and our living room. Our bedroom had become cluttered with endless amounts of laundry (clean and dirty), and things that had been displaced from their intended spaces for whatever reason, of course it also had the baby's crib until last week. Our living room had become cluttered with Cabinets and Drawers that were purchased in an attempt to declutter our space, ironic isn't it?

So we tackled our bedroom first, removing from it all things that we did not have an immediate need for or that were not important to be saved. Total we removed 2 trash bags full of stuff...shamefully I admit that at least half of it was papers and other trash that were shoved under our bed. Once we removed all that didn't need to be there we rearranged what was left to produce a more functional space. There is now enough space in my bedroom for the bean bags I've been wanting to get for the boys to do their reading in my room away from the noise of the rest of the house. My bedroom is clean, neat, and organized (though my standards are not as strict as some).

Once space was cleared in our bedroom, I was able to remove all homeschooling books and supplies from the living room and put them on a wall of my bedroom (where I originally wanted them to begin with), and that being done, My living room now has much more space for the baby to play. I prefer to keep the baby playing in the living room because it it central to the house and therefore always supervised, because we all know that 15 month olds are not to be trusted. After arranging things I discovered that I really did not have adequate storage for the baby's toys, so a quick trip to the local Goodwill yielded me a perfect cabinet for only 1.00 (SCORE!). His toys are now contained, the living room is now decluttered, and I now feel like I can breathe in my own home.

I confess I am not a housekeeper, and I tend to 'collect' things simply because I *think* they may be useful someday. These are qualities I need to work on, and with the help of constant reminding (hence this blog post), fervent prayer (my own and otherwise), and the desire to have a liveable space for my children I will get better, I have to else my children grow to be like me, and we wouldn't want that now would we *wink*?

Thank you blog readers for allowing me to share my mess with you.


  1. Birbitt: I confess I'm not a great housekeeper either ~ & my Star, being a visual like me, organises like me & it looks...well, interesting is pehaps the kindest term. ☺ As I've grown older I've become far less tolerant of *things* & bit by bit I'm ditching anything that is unnecessary. Makes it easier all round. lol

  2. Confession is good for the soul, they say. I was told often, when I was younger, that housekeeping a small place is harder than a larger place. Having had both, I agree, but what makes a place smaller, even if it is big is the amount to stuff in it.

    Congrats on the clean up and that $1.00 cabinet!

  3. @ Ganeida, glad to know I am not alone! I'm trying to stop saving clutter, I really am but it's so hard when I see something that I just *know* I can use.

    @ Seeking, yes it feels good to confess, and maybe now that I have witnesses to my mess I'll do better containing it. Yes I too agree it's harder to keep a small place neat and orderly because the amount of stuff needed is the same, and there are less places to put it in a small place.


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