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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The newest family member.

Well the children have been bugging me for the past two years to get them a dog. I always told them no because I am a firm believer in actually being around for your dog. So we have always had cats because they don't need their humans nearly as much as dogs do (usually). Well now that I am home with the baby and no longer working Hubby and I decided to get the boys a puppy.

We looked at the shelters several times (always without the boys first) but no luck, we just couldn't find a dog we liked. Then I came across an ad for a lady who was giving away some puppies her dog had. The puppies weren't exactly the breeds we were looking for (we wanted a smaller dog) but we decided to go and take a look.

They were adorable and if I could have I'd have brought them all home all eleven of them...yes you read correctly that poor mama dog had ELEVEN puppies. Slowly hubby and I weeded them down trying to choose the dog with just the right personality for us (as much as you can tell when they are only 8 weeks old). We sorted through the puppies until we had it down to just two little pups, one male and one female. I looked at hubby and said "can't we just keep them both?" he made it very clear that one puppy was enough and he is right...I do still have my human baby to care for so training two puppies would be much too difficult for me. So I left the choice to hubby which dog to get and he chose the brown female.

Her name is Sunday and she's a very good little pup. She doesn't often have accidents in the house and when she does it's generally my fault for not getting her outside on time. She will learn. She loves her people and follows us all around the house, she walks well on a leash (rare for such a young pup) and she rarely barks.

We took her to our local Bark Park to see how she'd do with other dogs and she's quite a good girl. A little shy at first but once she sniffs a bit she's happy to run and play with dogs of all shapes and sizes. She does seem to prefer people to dogs though as she always introduced herself to the people first and then the dog. She already knows how to sit when told, and she will come when called with only a little encouragement! I think we chose just the right dog.

She is a Golden retriever and Doberman mix but the Golden is quite small for her breed and so the puppies are likely to be no more than knee height. Sunday doesn't like to be left alone, but will happily sleep in her kennel while we are away if we aren't gone too long. I am glad that they boys have a puppy to grow up with now, and they are at an age where they can start helping with the chores...they know to be sure her water bowl is always full and that she is fed twice daily. We don't let them walk her yet but once she's well trained they will also be able to walk her with adult supervision.

We all love our new addition and Birbitt thinks no family is complete without furbabies to love!


  1. She's absolutely adorable ~ & I'm the lady with cats who neeed her more than any dog I've ever known! lol I think animals learn what you teach them. Teach them to love you & they will, dog or cat. Sounds like a great choice! ☺

  2. Ganeida, I agree about animals. Our cats also are quite needy but they don't need me or hubby they need the boys. She seems like a great dog so far and she's already pretty reliable with her "sit" command and will "come" every time if I encourage with a few kissy noises or whistles.

  3. So, Birbitt, it's been three months. When are you going to post some updates? No pressure, I just wanted you to know I have been interested and thinking of you.


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